HP (ヒューレット・パッカード) Pavilion n6395 BIOS ダウンロード 無料 (ver. 1.­82)

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HP (ヒューレット・パッカード) Pavilion n6395 (ver. 1.­82) MSZIP がリリースした 2002.08.09.

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カテゴリー ノートブック
ブランド HP (ヒューレット・パッカード)
デバイス Pavilion n6395
オペレーションシステム BIOS
バージョン 1.­82
ファイルサイズ 958 Kb
ファイルタイプ MSZIP
リリース 2002.08.09

HP (ヒューレット・パッカード) Pavilion n6395 BIOS を発見しダウンロードするリンクへ準備します

BIOS for HP Pavilion n6395 Type: BIOS HP Omnibook 6000 and Pavilion N6000 Series - BIOS 1.­82 This is an InstallShield file containing BIOS 1.­82 for the HP Omnibook 6000 and Pavilion N6000 Series.­ Download the file and execute it to create a BIOS update floppy disk and get further instructions.­ File APPNOTE.­TXT on the update floppy disk has a list of BIOS changes.­ This software applies to: System(s): HP Omnibook 6000 HP Pavilion notebook PC N6000 series Operating system(s): Microsoft&­#174; Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows Me Microsoft Windows NT 4.­0 Languages: English Version Current version File name: EAM182.­EXE Version: Version 1.­82 Version replaced File name: EA181.­EXE Version: Version 1.­81 Determining the current version BIOS version is displayed in the system Setup.­ Availability of this software This software is made available on the Web only.­ Detailed description BIOS included in this package Maintenance BIOS Release Changed BIOS from last Revision Fixed the bug that diagnostic partition is available even if no HDD is present.­ Upgrade recommendation Recommended Installation instructions Installation steps 1 Get the BIOS package onto the notebook.­ Download the EA182.­EXE file onto the target notebook.­ 2 Unpack the Web archive.­ Execute it.­ For example: Run EA182.­EXE.­ 3 Install the drivers.­ Read the README.­TXT file for instructions.­ System requirements and dependencies HP Omnibook 6000 and HP Pavilion N6000 series Comments Windows&­#174; and MS Windows&­#174; are U.­S.­ registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.­ Microsoft&­#174; is a U.­S.­ registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.­ Copyright (C) Hewlett-Packard Co.­ 2002 This information is subject to change without notice and is provided "as is" with no warranty.­ Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct,­ indirect,­ special,­ incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this material.­

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